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Heal your clutter shame in 5 minutes per day and discover easy ways to keep the mess away. For good.

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the stuff in your life? Do you struggle to organize your home or office without going crazy? Do you have that one drawer, closet, or room that makes you break out into a cold sweat just thinking about it?

If you’re done feeling anxious instead of relaxed every time you get home. If your clutter is turning you into a recluse because you don’t want your friends to see the mess. If digging through towering piles of stuff stopped being fun years ago. And if you’re ready to do whatever it takes to break free from the crap burden…

You’ve come to the right place.

The Phone Call That Changed My Life

Hi, I’m Genevieve.

When I was younger I was a pack rat.

Letting go of things, especially things with sentimental value, terrified me. I thought my stuff was connected to my value, and I feared I would lose my identity if I lost my belongings.

I kept every single one of my childhood and teenage journals, meaningful letters, the doll cradle my grandpa made for me, toys I hoped to give to my future children…

Then, one night, as I was enjoying myself as a summer study abroad student in Paris, I got a phone call from my mom through my group leader's emergency cell phone.

“Are you sitting down?”

Her tone instantly got my attention. I sat down.

“Our house burned down,” she said calmly. “No one was hurt, we’re all okay. But it was a serious fire. Most of the house is damaged.”

All my stuff was gone. This should have been devastating.

But, once the shock wore off, I realized that the blaze really was a bittersweet, life-changing, liberating blessing in disguise.

I was free.

That’s how I went from dedicated pack rat to  joyful minimalist.

Let Me Show You The Way to Simple Living

Genevieve is a counselor, cheerleader, mediator, and friend along the way helping you have a healthier relationship with your stuff and yourself.
— T.C., Past Mapper
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I am the author of the international bestseller Minimalist Living: Decluttering for Joy, Health and Creativity. Since its publication in 2013, the simple living movement has become mainstream and gathered a lot of interest worldwide.

But I didn’t stop there.

I’m still learning, testing new ideas and refining my methods to keep the clutter at bay. I’m walking my talk, living as an international nomad, along with my husband and our 4-year old son. Everything I own fits in two suitcases, including laptop, shoes and handbag.

That kind of freedom could be yours.

In the past 6 years, I have helped tens of thousands of people simplify their life and get focused on what really matters.

At this stage, I am not taking any individual coaching clients.

So joining the 30-Day Map to Get Rid of Your Crap is the only way to work with me right now.

This Map is the program that gets me organized and keeps me on track every year. It's the reason why I'm living the minimalist nomadic life of my dreams. It's the reason why I can really be present to enjoy rich experiences like sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus or eating borscht for the first time in Ukraine.

It could change your life too. It might free you up to travel or just free up some space so you can breathe easy in your home. It’s up to you.

Get Everything You Need To Create A Clutter Free Life This Spring (or fall for southern hemisphere mappers)

The program breaks down the large task of decluttering your home, life, and schedule into 30 actionable steps. We focus on steps as well as meaning -- why we're doing this. We celebrate and stay inspired together.

What you’ll get with the 30-Day Map to Get Rid of Your Crap:

  • 30 daily emails: Packed with expert guidance, one manageable, bitesize task, some visual inspiration, a quote and a checklist, sent straight to your inbox every day of April.

  • My 30-day plan to declutter your home, life and schedule: Just follow along to know what to do and when. Nice and easy.

  • The fully customizable 30-day printable plan: Make your own plan to fit your house and your schedule. This is your journey!

  • Immediate access to our private Facebook group only for Mappers: Join the community for support, advice, insights and inspiration.

  • Coaching from me: You’ll have direct access to me to ask your questions and get some extra hand-holding.

  • Every future update and all new material: You can take the Map every time I offer it (currently offered once or twice a year) at no extra cost, and get the updated version, new tips and extra bonuses as I release them.

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What you’ll learn:

  • My 5-minute decluttering secret: A powerful technique to help you fly through the clutter in as little as 5 minutes a day.

  • Decluttering setup 101: Get organized before you start, so you don’t just shuffle the clutter around.

  • Master your paper clutter: You can’t just throw everything in the shredder. Get the scoop on how to deal with paper without losing your sanity or recycling your tax returns.

  • Deal with kids clutter and hobby stuff: Get the lowdown on editing your kids toys, old clothes and random collections… drama-free. Tackle your washi tape addiction and free up some space in your kitchen cabinets. Who needs nine icing nozzles anyway?

  • Let go of guilt: Ask yourself some powerful questions to release the emotional weight around gifts and heirlooms. Don’t let guilt dictate that you must save every scribble from your kids or keep the ugly china set your grandmother left you.

  • And much more...

Design Your Map And Go at Your Own Pace

Like any good map, Genevieve has created room for individualizing our personal path.
— L.P., Past Mapper

I get it. Life happens.

It’s usually when you start making a change that your car breaks down, your kids get the flu and your boss drops an extra load of work on your desk.

Don’t worry. If something comes up during The Map you can stop and pick up right where you left off once the dust settles. April 1st is Day One, but you call the shots.

Start when you want. Stop when you need to. The steps will be waiting in your inbox, so you can restart your decluttering anytime.

There are always Mappers who find it helpful to stretch out the 30 days to whatever length of time feels right for them. And while the Facebook Group is most active during the 30 days of the Map, we post year-round for inspiration, encouragement or support.

You can also decide to re-Map and do the 30 days at a different time altogether. Share your plan in the community so we can cheer you on and keep you accountable.

Is This Program Right For You?

It’s not about tiny living to me, it’s about lack of stress.
— Cindy Lou, Past Mapper
  • You’re in transition: Moving, getting married, getting divorced, starting a new venture, retiring... and you feel overwhelmed. You know clearing space is the first step to this new phase in your life.

  • Your stuff is making you feel weighed down and trapped. Maybe it’s even affecting your loved ones and causing them anxiety.

  • You’re curious: You’ve been intrigued by the idea of minimalism for a while and you’re ready to jump in with a guide and a supportive community.

  • You need a team: You  know it’s time for some serious decluttering, but you want to have fun and do it with a group because your family is going to think you’re crazy.

  • You’re ready for change:  You’re committed to put in the effort and take complete responsibility for your space.

Preview of a Map email.

Preview of a Map email.

In a buy, buy, buy world, decluttering things we don’t need or want is unconventional at best, feared at worst.

In a world where popularity is valued, choosing to be alone over spending time with toxic people is a radical act.

In a world where busyness is valued, sitting still is an act of courage.

But choosing the path of simplicity has great rewards for those with the guts to do so.

I give you the Map, the support, and the community, but you have to take action to get results.

Let’s make this fun!

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

My favorite part of the Map is the exclusive Private Facebook Group.

Join Mappers from around the world as we encourage, uplift and inspire each others, all year-round.

Follow along during the 30-Day Map to Declutter Your Crap. Ask questions. Share your struggles and frustrations. Post before-after pictures of your decluttering efforts and make new friends along the way.

The Facebook Group is  a great place to get questions answered and encourage other Mappers, both during the Map and when in post-Map maintenance mode.

You don’t have to be an active poster to reap the benefits of the community. If you’re more of a “ghost member” and only read what others are posting, you’ll still get a ton of value.

It’s also the only place you’ll get access to me for some personalized advice and extra hand-holding...

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Hurry! Doors Close March 31st at 11 pm EST

Whew! The yard sale is over. $200 richer and still have two full carloads that went to the thrift store! Thanks to the 30-Day Map!
— Sara Keeney, Past Mapper

An in-home session with a professional organizer could easily cost you $600 for one day. That’s barely enough time to tackle the kids’ playroom and the kitchen, let alone your bedroom or the basement.

The Map is much cheaper and more cost efficient.

You go at your own pace, organize every area of your life and see long lasting results in your health, joy and happiness.

You’ll also get all future updates and new material as they are added. At no extra cost!

You can redo the Map as many times as you need. Every Spring, with me. Twice a year or even every quarter, if that’s what you need to stay on top.

Remember, you’re getting my 30-day step by step program, a fully customizable plan, a supportive online community, daily inspiration and more. Plus, this is the only way to get some live group coaching from me.

But, you won’t pay $600. You won’t even pay half that much.

Instead, the entire program — including the daily emails and downloadable planner, access to the Facebook community, group coaching, and visual inspiration — is yours for just $197.

And that’s not all.

The course could easily pay for itself.

One Mapper found a $200 gift card hidden in the clutter. Many people will also choose to host yard sales or sell unwanted stuff online. Not to mention the time and energy you’ll get back once the clutter is gone.

What previous Map participants are Saying:

I am learning to stand up for myself and have pride in my mission. It has strengthened my resolve and changed many other aspects of my life not just at home. I can see myself revisiting this course every spring!
— Sara
The 30-Day Map not only offers daily stepping stones to guide your progress as you let go of what no longer serves you, but it also provides a community of support to encourage, commiserate, and offer advice as you remove the excess that is blocking you from the life you want to live. Genevieve is a counselor, cheerleader, mediator, and friend along the way helping you have a healthier relationship with your stuff and yourself.
— T.C., California
To me, so far, the 30-Day Map has made me take a step back in decluttering, and has made me take it slower. I take days in between, to process it all mentally. But I have no doubt, that when I take the program in a second round (and may be ina 2nd, a 4th,.... how ever many I need), it is a good tool to create space on many different levels, and eventually, get steps ahead in life, in whatever I, or anyone else, wishes for.
— Ingrid, Holland
I like that within the framework that you have provided I have been able to personalize our own home. I’m enjoying this experience immensely because it is a manageable amount for a short project each day. Thank you!
— Lee-Anne, Canada
I have been (so I thought!) quite minimalist for years, having moved 6 times in 5 years as a military spouse, paring down each time to make the process as easy as possible. However, in just the first 15 days of the Map, I have unloaded 173 things from my 860 square foot home. I didn’t feel that my home was stuffed to the gills, even with a toddler and a large dog, and I was very skeptical that I would be able to cull still more things from my wardrobe and other areas of the house, but the way the Map is laid out and the simple and effective instructions, suggestions, and support from Genevieve found me donating, selling, and tossing far more than I expected. It has reaffirmed and re-energized my efforts to be mindful of what I bring into my home and what I spend money on, and I feel more space and peace with fewer belongings to care for, as well as more motivation to turn that freed time to spending more time with my family.
— Kari, California
The 30-Day Map takes a huge undertaking and breaks it into bite size pieces with awesome ideas and encouragement along the way. The feeling of shedding unneeded baggage is a fantastic feeling of freedom. I was hoping to minimize my home; an unexpected bonus was the uplifting clarity of simplicity. The 30-Day Map helps get rid of crap, both physical and mental. I highly recommend taking the journey!
— Kristy
Be prepared going into it for a change in your environment, your mind and your lifestyle for the better. After taking this course, I will consider each and every purchase I make and every item I choose to bring into my home in a much more careful manner. I didn’t realize that having clutter and ‘stuff’ all around my house was creating unnecessary anxiety in my life and now that it has been cleared out and organized I am calmer and happier.
— Linda
I got the direction I needed to free my space and mind. I have been able to analyse my ‘consuming’ items that are superfluous to my well being, and reassess what makes our lives easier or just has a negative impact in the long term.
— Sylvie, Norfolk, United Kingdom

There’s No Risk!

When you sign up for The 30-Day Map to Get Rid of Your Crap, you’ll be covered by my no-questions-asked full money-back guarantee.

I’m sure you’ll get amazing results from the Map and reap life-changing benefits. But if you don't, you should get your money back.

Give it a try!

If, for any reason, you’re not happy with your purchase, just send me an email before April 15th to request a refund. You really have nothing to lose.

Ready to spring clean? Click the "Register Now" button below.

Once you’ve completed your purchase via PayPal, you will see a confirmation page with your link to access the private Facebook group.

Then, on April 1st (no joke!), you’ll get the Day One email of the 30-Day Map which helps you dive in quickly.

You could go on as you are, wondering if you'll EVER get organized, if you'll ever feel serene, joyful and focused in your home and life. Or you could take decisive action to invest in your minimalist journey.

Do you really want the focused life of your dreams? Filled with only YOUR essentials? The only way I've seen that actually works to make lasting change in life is to have a community -- even if it's just one person supporting you.

With the Map you'll have me and a whole community of minimalists across the world cheering you on!

Make this your year to dig a little deeper and create a breakthrough for your most joyful life.



PS: Letting go is hard. I know.  

That’s why I’ve included a special bonus for you.

An exclusive 5-minute guided meditation to help you relax during the Map (and anytime) as you declutter and release that which no longer serves you. You get it instantly - as soon as you complete payment for the Map.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

PPS: This year, a portion of the proceeds of The 30-Day Map to Get Rid of Your Crap sales will be donated to 3000 Miles to a Cure, a non-profit on a mission to end brain cancer by raising funds for research.

My mom lost her sister, Jenny Mulligan, to brain cancer so this is important to my family and to the many people affected by the disease.