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So you’re tired of the crap and ready for space to create your next step.

You’re in the perfect place.

In 30 days, you could be celebrating your space with newfound clarity and joy.  Enjoying more freedom than ever.  Focusing on exactly what's important to you. Meet the life-transforming 30-Day Map to Get Rid of Your Crap.

The 30-Day Map is a decluttering course with a community element.

Let's make space in our homes and lives together. You have one chance to enroll in 2018, because I only offer this program once a year. 

My Minimalism Journey

My name is Genevieve. You may have read my story before, but in case you haven't, this is it:

Before my house burned down years ago, I was a pack rat. Letting go of things—especially things with emotional weight or sentimental attachment—terrified me. I thought the stuff was connected to my value -- that without it I wouldn't remember who I truly was.  But once all the stuff was gone in a life-changing blaze, I realized I didn’t need any of it to be happy or to be me. I found a new sense of freedom and joy.

Now I love to travel light and enjoy the deeper relationships, financial ease, and space to create that simple living offers.

You can find your happy place here too.

The Map is 30 Days of Decluttering Your Life: April 1—30, 2018.

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It's about creating spaces you love, and time to enjoy them.

Clutter limits your freedom and joy. But getting rid of possessions can feel overwhelming, not to mention how it can bring up a ton of anxiety and frustration. It doesn’t have to be like that. It can be fun. You can transform your space—and your life—with simple living. I know because I did it, and I wrote the Map to help you.

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I wrote the book on minimalist living (it’s called Minimalist Living) and when I published it in 2013 it was the only full-length book with that title on Amazon. Now there are at least seven books with that title on Amazon, and many more on the topic.

As an early author of the movement, the growing prevalence of what I call minimalism or simple living thrills me. I'm grateful that so many are now part of this movement, and I'm honored to have helped many thousands of people simplify and get focused on what matters.

Right now the 30-Day Map to Get Rid of Your Crap is the only way to work with me to simplify your life. Make this your year to dig a little deeper and create a breakthrough for your most joyful life.

What You Get

Here are the details on what comes with the 30-Day Map to Get Rid of Your Crap:

The program breaks down the large task of decluttering your home, life, and schedule into 30 actionable steps. We focus on steps as well as meaning -- why we're doing this. We celebrate and stay inspired together. As we declutter our possessions, negative thoughts, and even our time, our mental outlook begins to reflect the beauty and clarity we're creating in our physical environment. And vice versa.

You get:

  • My 30-day plan to declutter your home and schedule

  • One visually-inspiring email a day for thirty days, each with expert guidance on exactly how to declutter your home and life for more joy

  • Guidance for making this process fast --  as little as 5 minutes (go at your own pace) per day

  • A bonus email 60 days later (you'll see why in the course)

  • Inspiring quotes to fuel your journey to simplicity

  • Minimalist mantras to keep you going

  • A list showing your progress each day

  • How to deal with specific kinds of clutter like documents, kids clutter, hobby stuff, and sentimental items

  • Unlimited, ongoing access to the exclusive members group for "Mappers" on Facebook -- other people going through the course at the same time and maintaining their new lifestyle

  • Free group coaching from me in the members group on Facebook

  • Free access for the life of the program: pay once and join us to repeat the Map each time I offer it for free.


    • "Meditation for Letting Go," an audio recording that will help you relax and release that which no longer serves you (exclusively available to 30-Day Map participants.)

The 30-Day Map to Get Rid of Your Crap is a fit for you if:

  • You’re in the middle of a transition (moving, getting married, getting divorced, starting a new venture, retiring—any end or beginning) and you feel overwhelmed and need to edit your clutter for clarity on what’s next.

  • You’ve been intrigued by the idea of minimalism for a while and you’re ready to jump in with a guide and a supportive community.

  • You know you need to do some serious decluttering, but you want to have fun and do it with a group because you think your family is maybe going to look at your like you're crazy :).

  • You’re ready to put in the effort and take complete responsibility for your space.

 I give you the Map, the support, and the community, but you have to take action to get results. Let’s make this fun!

Preview of a Map email.

Preview of a Map email.

In a buy, buy, buy world, decluttering things we don’t need or want is unconventional at best, feared at worst. In a world where popularity is valued, choosing to be alone over spending time with toxic people is a radical act. In a world where busyness is valued, sitting still is an act of courage.

But choosing the path of simplicity has great rewards for those with the guts to do so.

About the Members Group

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My own personal favorite part of the Map is the exclusive members group on FB. Here Mappers form an uplifting and supportive community, encouraging others and showing off their great decluttering work in before-and-after photos. It's a great place to get questions answered and encourage other Mappers, both during the Map and when in post-Map maintenance mode. If you're social and enjoy a thumbs up on your fabulous decluttering efforts, you'll love it. You'll also love the advice from me and our friendly community. 

Go at Your Own Pace

Life happens. If something comes up during the Map (anything from illness to a fabulous surprise trip for two) you can pick up right where you left off when things get back to normal. On April 1st, you'll get "Day One," April 2nd, "Day Two," and so on, but those steps will be waiting in your inbox so you can restart your decluttering anytime. If you have travel plans or guests coming to town next month, you can always either catch up with the group or go at your own pace and finish anytime. There are always Mappers who find it helpful to stretch out the 30 days to whatever length of time feels right for them. And while the Members Group is most active during the 30 days of the Map, we post year-round when we're decluttering and want some encouragement or support. You can also decide to re-Map and do the 30 days at a different time altogether that works with your schedule. Share your plan in the members group so we can follow up to see how your new plan goes.

Register Now for $199

Today's edition of the Map has been upgraded and expanded with feedback from testers and past participants. It includes more value and resources than ever before. This price will get you access to all future editions of and upgrades to the Map.

You could pay $600 and up for an in-home consultation from a professional organizer who won't be able to help you for long, and will leave you to maintain his or her system on your own. Instead, pay a budget-friendly price and join the Map year after year for free.

For some, the course will pay for itself. One Mapper found a $200 gift card that she'd forgotten about. It was hiding amidst the clutter. Of course, some Mappers will choose to host yard sales or sell unwanted possessions online. That can be another source of profit. 

Easy Refund

I think you'll enjoy the 30-Day Map and reap life-changing benefits. If you don't, you should get your money back. My guarantee is a full refund (no questions asked) any time from purchase up to day 15 of the Map (halfway through). Simply email me at to request a refund.

Ready to purchase? Click the "Buy Now" button:

This Year's Charity Beneficiary: 3000 Miles to a Cure

The Map is a purchase with a purpose. This year, a portion of the proceeds of 30-Day Map sales will be donated to help fund research to cure brain cancer. My mom lost her sister, Jenny Mulligan, to brain cancer so this is important to my family and to the many people affected by brain cancer.  Researchers are getting closer to understanding brain cancer and other diseases that affect the brain, and knowing that gives us hope. That's why we're donating to a nonprofit that gives 100% of donations to fund research to find a cure.

Testimonials from 30-Day Map Participants

The 30-Day Map not only offers daily stepping stones to guide your progress as you let go of what no longer serves you, but it also provides a community of support to encourage, commiserate, and offer advice as you remove the excess that is blocking you from the life you want to live. Genevieve is a counselor, cheerleader, mediator, and friend along the way helping you have a healthier relationship with your stuff and yourself.
— T.C., 30-Day Mapper in California
I am learning to stand up for myself and have pride in my mission. It has strengthened my resolve and changed many other aspects of my life not just at home. I can see myself revisiting this course every spring!
— Sara
To me, so far, the 30-Day Map has made me take a step back in decluttering, and has made me take it slower. I take days in between, to process it all mentally. But I have no doubt, that when I take the program in a second round (and may be ina 2nd, a 4th,.... how ever many I need), it is a good tool to create space on many different levels, and eventually, get steps ahead in life, in whatever I, or anyone else, wishes for.
— Ingrid, Holland
I like that within the framework that you have provided I have been able to personalize our own home. I’m enjoying this experience immensely because it is a manageable amount for a short project each day. Thank you!
— Lee-Anne, Canada
I have been (so I thought!) quite minimalist for years, having moved 6 times in 5 years as a military spouse, paring down each time to make the process as easy as possible. However, in just the first 15 days of the Map, I have unloaded 173 things from my 860 square foot home. I didn’t feel that my home was stuffed to the gills, even with a toddler and a large dog, and I was very skeptical that I would be able to cull still more things from my wardrobe and other areas of the house, but the way the Map is laid out and the simple and effective instructions, suggestions, and support from Genevieve found me donating, selling, and tossing far more than I expected. It has reaffirmed and re-energized my efforts to be mindful of what I bring into my home and what I spend money on, and I feel more space and peace with fewer belongings to care for, as well as more motivation to turn that freed time to spending more time with my family.
— Kari, California
The 30-Day Map takes a huge undertaking and breaks it into bite size pieces with awesome ideas and encouragement along the way. The feeling of shedding unneeded baggage is a fantastic feeling of freedom. I was hoping to minimize my home; an unexpected bonus was the uplifting clarity of simplicity. The 30-Day Map helps get rid of crap, both physical and mental. I highly recommend taking the journey!
— Kristy
Be prepared going into it for a change in your environment, your mind and your lifestyle for the better. After taking this course, I will consider each and every purchase I make and every item I choose to bring into my home in a much more careful manner. I didn’t realize that having clutter and ‘stuff’ all around my house was creating unnecessary anxiety in my life and now that it has been cleared out and organized I am calmer and happier.
— Linda
I got the direction I needed to free my space and mind. I have been able to analyse my ‘consuming’ items that are superfluous to my well being, and reassess what makes our lives easier or just has a negative impact in the long term.
— Sylvie, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Invest in Yourself for Results, Finally

Live in a haven of your own creation. No more breaking out in a fit of self-shaming when you can’t find last year's tax return. No more toxic, limiting thoughts. No more crammed schedule that makes you miss out on relishing the unexpected delight your day brings.  Investing in the Map will bring you the increased accountability and community that are proven to make us more likely to reach our goals.

Let's do this. See you in the group!