How to End Your Clutter Shame

If you've ever broken out in a fit of self-shaming (that may have involved f-bombs) because something you need to put hands on right NOW is lost, you know what clutter shame is.

It's that feeling of being so disorganized that you can't find what you need amidst the clutter. And feeling really bad about it.

Deep down we all know that we don't need much. The shame comes from thinking some variation of:  "This is something I actually need, and now I can't find it because of the junk I bought to avoid facing the tough parts of my life or the stuff I feel too guilty to get rid of."

We eventually find what we are looking for and save "getting organized" for another day. We avoid sifting through our junk.

But you can end clutter shame. There are two ways I've seen that are most effective.

1.  Feel it out. Sit still and surrender and let the feelings pass. Don't try to change them. Practice clutter-shame mindfulness. The shame naturally passes, and since you allowed it, healing is much more likely. Trying to avoid tough feelings usually attracts the same feelings until you observe them and let them flow and then pass. Accept your feelings. 

The second way can be done in conjunction with the first. You can either accept your feelings AND accept the clutter, or:

2. Take swift, decisive action based on a cohesive plan. Change your environment. Declutter. Be inspired by this quote:

There's lots of guidance on the internet to help you simplify your life, much of it free. I provide lots of free value too. However, Simple Living Toolkit is a business for me, and once in a while I offer a paid program. The 30-Day Map to Get Rid of Your Crap offers a step-by-step, day-by-day plan to help you declutter not just your home, but your life. There's nothing online of this depth and quality available for free in one place. Together with a community of supporters, you'll design a life filled with what's important to you, and nothing else. After all, the people and activities most important to you deserve to be front and center. In focus, with lots of room to breathe around them.


While the Map does take place during the month of April, it is go-at-your-own-pace, so if you're planning travel or something unexpected pops up, you can always catch up or complete it later at a pace that feels good to you.

Let me know if you have any questions about the Map. Can't wait to work with you!