Try a One Cupboard Challenge

You can start small.

If you're looking at a pile of clutter, the idea of becoming a minimalist can be overwhelming.
So you're looking for one easy, practical step, right?
This is it.

Start with one cupboard.

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This summer we had our first One Cupboard Challenge in the Minimalist Living page on Facebook. 

It was a great idea from a  community member:

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You can do your own one cupboard challenge anytime.

Here are the steps:

1. Take a "Before" photo. 

Even if you don't share anything on social media, a before photo will remind your of how far you've come when you finished.

2. "Blaze" your cupboard.

Blazing is my trademark decluttering technique I write about in this book. It's not recommended for every person or situation, but I do think it's great for kitchen cabinets (as long as you don't have any important paperwork in there and as long it's "your" territory or domain in the house).

It's simple and I love it because it is FAST. It is the fastest decluttering technique out there.
You simply remove everything from the cabinet into a bag or box without pausing to inspect each item. Then you put back only what you love and use.

The key is that you don't look at what you didn't put back. That's where guilt and second-guessing yourself comes in. Let's avoid that.

If you look back in the box you'll think, "oh, but my mother-in-law gave me that tea pot and so even though I hate it I should keep it."

Nope. Put the box, labeled, in some dark corner of your home (attic, basement, etc.) and set up a reminder to get rid of the contents. I like to wait 60 days because that gives me time to "miss" things. Usually I miss nothing. That tells you you can sell or donate all the items.

The reminder is very important because otherwise you will forget about decluttering that stuff. I suggest using either Google Calendar or Boomerang for Gmail to create a reminder. Or use whatever works for YOU. The important thing is that you will see the reminder and take action on it.

Decluttering after time passes is easier than doing it right away. This middle, resting phase gives you that confidence that you can donate the stuff even thought you didn't actually go through and gaze at each item.

3. Take an after photo.

try a one cupboard challenge.png

The photo is for you to remember this milestone and mark your progress. 

Optionally, you can share it to social media. In fact, I invite you to share it in the comments on this One Cupboard Challenge post in the Minimalist Living community page. I personally love when people share their progress. It inspires me and gives me a little boost of encouragement on my own path of simple living.

I think it helps a lot of people.

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