My Top 10 Simple Living Websites

So you're interested in living simply, right?

It's a topic I've been writing and coaching on for a while now, so I compiled this top 9 list. (#10 being this website!) So here you go. These websites all help you live a more simple or minimalist lifestyle. The list is heavy on inspiration, rather than tools, because I believe if you feel inspired, the right tools tend to come to you easily.

I hope you enjoy these sites as I have.

1.  Becoming Minimalist

Joshua Becker helps guide 300,000 monthly readers with a humble voice and an encouraging attitude. He writes that the blog "quickly became a place to encourage others, the word 'becoming' representing an open invitation to all. It does not boldly require anyone to 'be' minimalist overnight – nor does it specifically define the word for you. Instead, it encourages you to consider the journey and the far-reaching benefits that come from owning less."

2. Be More With Less

Courtney Carver is an Oprah Magazine featured motivator. She gently guides readers on "mini-missions, " like "One In Two Out," that help make living simply achievable. Why listen to her advice? She says because she has "made all the mistakes. I have made a bunch of money and spent even more. I have been too busy, too tired, too full, too stressed and too overworked for too long and I’ve changed my ways."


I love this site and I use it almost every single morning. It helps me clear my head and do the internal/mindset work that keeps me from using shopping as therapy. I love to journal, get ideas, dream, and even track my daily word count here.

4. The Minimalists

The Minimalists, (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus ) may have been my very first introduction to the online minimalism community. Through them, I realized that there were lots of people like me, who just weren't buying into the whole, well, buying thing.  At least not the consuming-as-a-lifestyle thing.  I love how they manage to fit both of their (very different) personalities into their blog posts and books. Uniquely, they tend to get a bit more philosophical and spiritual about decluttering than other simplicity/minimalist bloggers.

5.  Miss Minimalist

Author and blogger Francine Jay is a celebrity in the world of minimalist living. She has sold over 100,000 books and been featured on CNN, BBC, and NBC.  To me, she stands out in the sea of minimalists online because she cares about fashion and beautiful design. I love her "100 possessions" series where she details each of her carefully-chosen belongings and the reason she owns the things she does. (Don't freak out - she owns more than 100 things, but the number is a symbol of her desire to limit her possessions and consider each carefully.)

6.  Pinterest

I chuckle at myself when I realize why Pinterest helps me live simply. It's because in Pinterest Fantasy World, I can have anything I want. One of the cornerstones of living with less stuff is halting all shopping-as-entertainment. Every item I buy is carefully considered, with few whim purchases.  Before Pinterest, I missed the visually enticing experience of shopping. But now? Why go shopping in the real world, when you can have it instantly on Pinterest without leaving the comfort of your home? You want Ryan Gosling, Anthropologie shoes, a pennant-decorated raw food wedding, and an adorable newborn napping in a Santa hat under a Christmas tree? You got it. If it's too embarrassing, put it on a secret board.

7. Simple Life Together

This website was a new discovery for me, and I'm so glad I found it! Dan and Vanessa Hayes are a beautiful and approachable couple who host a podcast about simple living. I love that they don't call themselves "minimalists" (it's too strict for them) but they are slowly trying to live a more simple and relaxed life. Sometimes minimalists can seem like a bunch of 20-year-old single people traveling the world with 15 things in a backpack(although most aren't) so it's nice to meet a couple who are working together to live the simple life. And they even tackled the "simple living with kids" issue that everyone keeps asking me about. Finally, they get extra love points from me and Prince Charming for owning a teardrop trailer named Guidon. Sigh.

8. Rowdy Kittens

Tammy Strobel writes about "going small, thinking big, and being happy" on her whimsically-named blog. She emphasizes exploration of options when seeking happiness and simplicity, rather than telling you what to do. I also love that she and her partner live in a tiny home. It makes living simply in a regular-sized apartment seem easy.

9. ZenHabits

This one is possibly my favorite simplicity blog, if I had to pick. There's a reason ZenHabits is one of the top 50 websites in the world, according to Time Magazine. Writer, runner, vegan, and father of six Leo Babauta writes for over a million monthly readers about how to build habits for a peaceful, healthy, simple life.  He sounds like a superhero, but if you read his work, you get the feeling he's a regular guy who has slowly and steadily made healthy changes in his life. The website is the most simple and tranquil I've ever visited.

I hope you enjoyed these websites. Did I miss one that helps you live more simply? I would love to hear which one and why in the comments.