It's free. It's time. It's time for freedom.

 Sometimes decluttering your home is more than just something that will help you feel organized. It can help you feel free, have more joy, and gain the space you need for the people and activities that are truly important in life. When decluttering starts you on a journey away from consumerism and towards more fulfillment, it becomes life-changing.  That's why the 3-Day Decluttering Challenge can be so powerful. 

I'm Genevieve Parker Hill, Author of the book Minimalist Living: Decluttering for Joy, Health, and Creativity


It's an Amazon Best Seller and has been downloaded by over 100,000 people around the world.  I love helping people travel light and live with simplicity so they can have more time and space to enjoy life and focus on the beauty around them instead of being overwhelmed by the clutter.

About the Challenge

Sometimes all we need is a little challenge to start something life-changing. The 3-Day Decluttering Challenge is a free email series I created to help you start decluttering your home today by breaking down the job into 3 easy, bite-sized steps. Sign up now!

By the end of your 3-Day Decluttering Challenge, you'll have:

  • A head start on a clear, decluttered home you can breathe easy in.

  • A more joyful, peaceful mindset as you learn to embrace the simple living lifestyle.

  • More space, time, and freedom to do what matters most to you.

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Joyous Words from the Minimalist Living Community

“I am just decluttering my home this month and already feel so much better…..Life is good!!!”
– Mercedes de Marchena

“Each week I’m taking old zines I own and don’t read anymore to the recycling bin.”

– David James

“Today…..24 bras down to 11, next stop is to pare down any duplicates in my closet…..”

– Donna Willis

“I now shop with the words 'minimalist living' in my mind. I buy what I need, ignore what I don't and my cupboards are no longer stuffed to overflowing. I have given away a huge amount to charity and thrown out the rest. [...] Embrace life and loved ones is now how I think, not what can I buy.”

– Julie McDonald

“It’s so much less stressful knowing I can say no to something that could take up my time or space.”

– Monica Kamps Lobenstein

I can finally walk into my bedroom and breathe[...] I wake up thankful that I helped people with the [...] clothes I got rid of.

– Quiana Bell

“The last six months I have gotten rid of 40% of my belongings. I have never felt more liberated!”

– Nancy Graves Bowden

Enjoy life's sweet and simple moments.

Enjoy life's sweet and simple moments.