Genevieve Parker Hill

Genevieve Parker Hill


Welcome to Simple Living Toolkit

We’re a blog about choosing an experience-over-stuff lifestyle. We embrace minimalist living (sometimes called intentional living or essentialism) so we can focus on what really matters to us as individuals and say no to what doesn't.

Simple Living Toolkit is for overwhelmed people who need some support because they have a hard time getting rid of things or saying no to time commitments.

If your stuff (or your schedule) is causing you and your family anxiety, you may be interested in moving (step-by-step) towards simple living.

If you want to lead an intentional life, but right now you feel cluttered, disorganized, overwhelmed, and overspent, this site and the resources shared here can help. You can create a more frugal, minimalist, joyful life that is full of what really matters.

To get started, first sign up for the free 3-Day Decluttering Challenge.

You’ll get a three-day burst of inspiration to kickstart your simple living journey, plus The Simple Sunday, my weekly note on how to edit your life for more joy.


The way we do minimalism around here is about:

  • Traveling light so we can savor the relationships and experiences life has to offer.

  • Surrounding ourselves with only what we find beautiful and useful.

  • Making more time to develop and enjoy our passions

  • Collecting moments, not things.

We keep things pared down so we spend less time:

  • cleaning

  • organizing

  • maintaining

We don't vilify:

  • Shopping or...

  • Enjoying material possessions.

  • We simply know that nothing we buy can make us happy.

We have what we need, and we enjoy what we have, and it is enough. The funny thing is, keeping things simple and keeping priorities clear can allow us to get a little messy and take healthy risks in the areas of life that really matter. As a bonus, we find the simple life saves us money and generally helps us feel less stressed and more healthy, creative, and free.

About Me

Hi, I'm Genevieve. I'm happy you're here.

I created the Simple Living Toolkit as a way to offer you the tools you need to declutter for a happier life.

Years ago, my house burned down, and I got an important lesson about what’s important in life (hint - not stuff!). I took some of what I learned from the fire and wrote an Amazon bestselling book called Minimalist Living: Decluttering for Joy, Health, and Creativity. My work as been featured in Elle Canada, Complete Wellbeing Magazine, and Full Home Living Blog, among others.

My style of minimalism is all about adding joy and meaning to life by subtracting what’s not working. I know that life can get a little messy when you have relationships, family, and adventures. The point of minimalism isn't to have a perfect house with designer furniture and neatly folded underwear (although I have nothing against neatly folded underwear). The point is to keep the focus on the things that really matter — the relationships and experiences that will be meaningful as we look back on our lives.

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Contact Information

To get in touch, offer a guest blog idea, or request an interview or speaking engagement, send an email to Genevievewrites@gmail.com.

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