What Does a Minimalist Home Look Like? 🏠

Q: What does a minimalist home look like?

minimalist spaces.png

A: Whatever a minimalist wants it to look like.

Minimalism and simple living mean different things to different people. For some, minimalism simply means not owning a lot of stuff. For others, it might mean living simply in a small space where everything is multi-use or foldaway. And for still others, it might refer to a spare, modern style of interior design.

There are many ways to be a minimalist. Your home can reflect a minimalist aesthetic (sleek lines, bare white walls...) but it doesn't have to. If you enjoy living simply and with only things you love, there's a great variety of ways your home can look.

As proof, today I'm sharing...

5 Unique Minimalist Living Spaces to Inspire You

1. Will and Jen’s Tiny House

What a thoughtfully designed tiny home in an unusual setting (not on wheels in the mountains or a backyard, but built in a subdivision).

2. This Fold-Up Kitchenette

This product from Culshaw Bell provides a lot of culinary power in a very small space. It’s a unique piece that would fit in any minimalist home. Also, just seeing how it’s designed is inspiring for what you can do in a small space.

3. Sleek Lines and Modern Style

This space exhibits a minimalist design as well as a minimalist approach to stuff. Although it was posted in 2014, I think it looks very stylish and up to date in 2018. Minimalism can be very classic.

4. The Professional Minimalist

Check out Joshua Fields Millburn's (of The Minimalists) home (for his family of three) right here via his blog. It's enough to make any minimalist sigh in admiration, or mutter "OCD!" jealously under her breath. Or is that just me?

5. Minimalist Home Tour

Here's another video tour of another minimalist home from "Sharayah Simple." I like that it seems, perhaps, more realistic than the others with the baby gear and the artwork.

Find what works for you

I love seeing how each minimalist defines his or her own version of minimalism. I hope these 5 different types of minimalist living spaces have you inspired! Now go and find what kind of minimalism works for you.